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Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Business

So, now that the shot heard round the OSR is being widely discussed and explosions of nerd rage and/or expressions of hope are being broadcast across the internet, I thought I'd get back to my business instead of speculating about Hasbro/WotC's.

First, you all may have noticed a dearth of Oriental Adventures play reports. This was due to the holidays. We were supposed to play on Sunday, but my mother-in-law called on Saturday night and announced that she would be coming up for a visit with her sister; my wife's only, but would have been favorite anyway, aunt. So I had to call off the game at the last minute and reschedule it for the next weekend. As it turns out, they had car trouble on the way here and were forced to turn back and are going to try to make it next Sunday instead, so I am re-rescheduling the game, but at least it puts us back on our regular weekend, although it's been a long stretch between games now and that always worries me.

Second, I am still working on the reboot of my Garnia campaign world. I have a second blog devoted to it, and there is likely to continue to be some crossover to this blog from time to time; like the other day when I thought everyone here might be interested in reading about my somewhat abortive Roman campaigns from the 1990s. I am actually going to put up a poll here that just ended there because I can get a bigger sample here than there to see what people think is interesting. So if you could, keeping in mind that there are already Celts and Saxons there for sure, pick the Human civilizations that you all think are the most interesting to have brought over to my campaign world.

Third, keeping with my resolutions as best as I have been able*, I finished reading "Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War" this morning. I found it to be a decent collection of stories, although I was somewhat disappointed that Keith R. A. DeCandido didn't write the Klingon story about Klag, Klag has kind of become his character through the IKS Gorkon series and later novels.

*My daughter Ashli was in the hospital for 4 days this week, so I didn't get time to paint miniatures.