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Friday, January 20, 2012

AD&D to be Reprinted

In case mine is the only gaming blog you read, I'd be remiss not to spread the biggest D&D news out of WotC since the official announcement that 5th edition is in the works- The core 3 AD&D 1st edition books are going to be re-released by WotC. It's only a limited print run, with some of the proceeds to help the Gygax memorial fund, and only available in North America, but it's a nice gesture anyway.

My wife thinks that I am suffering from battered spouse syndrome with WotC, hoping that they'll treat me better this time since they are being so nice now trying to win me back. Maybe she's right. Maybe they are just trying to gauge the true sales potential of the OSR? Who knows, it's even possible they are actually trying to do what they said they are trying to do and bring us all back together, re-unite the tribes. Make D&D the undisputed king of RPGs again.

I liked what Raggi had to say about it, but I am kind of an edition warrior regardless of what Dungeon Bastard says.