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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions II: Oh Yeah, Those Too-

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KAG- I am a Quadrant Commander in the Klingon Assault Group. I really need to make an effort to get much more active again. I have kind of let things slide since Klingon and Star Trek fandom took a hit when the last series went off the air. I haven't suited up in full make-up and head-piece in years now, and it's time to spruce up my uniform to a more professional quality and look the part, then get out there and recruit. The next Star Trek movie is rumored to have a big Klingon presence, so we KAG Klingons need to be ready to capitalize on the imminent popularity of our favorite sci-fi species once again.

Read all the stuff I bought over the course of the last year. This is like one of those quests that I had to read everything I was supposed to read in college and didn't have time for, but at least all this is stuff I am interested in; I just bought so much I fell way behind. Most of the RPG books I have flipped though, but I have about twenty novels and probably ten history books to read in addition to 199 unique game books and supplements I just counted, and 7 board or card games that I have not played since buying, without leaving my computer desk, that I bought last year; some of which I did read, or had already read; but most of which remain merely skimmed through, and that doesn't count pdfs or stuff I put in other rooms of my house. Seriously, I need to read more stuff. Currently, it seems I mostly use it as research material for my blog, or my OA game, or my wife's possible Star Wars game.

I have 67 unique Legend of the Five Rings books (counting Clan War books and novels), 10 GURPS books, 13 D20 Star Wars books (for all 3 d20 versions) 11 D6 Star Wars books and 4 modules (mostly 1st edition), 10 Star Fleet Battles (and 3 Prime Directive) books, and those are just the things that I bought more than ten books for in the last year. So, I guess I am actually going to have to take at least one day per week off from reading blogs and blogging and just read the stuff I already have. Maybe I'll review it.

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