Mongol Home

Mongol Home

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Steppe Stuff

Alexis over at Tao of D&D posted about food and had this picture of kumiss-

I have had kumiss and it's not bad, Matt S. (Steppe Warrior ID: Sengum) made some for the first Steppe Warrior gathering back in December of 1997.

Anyway, that inspired me to look for some more images of Mongol stuff to put up for a lazy post today. I am a little under the weather and not particularly interested in doing any deep thinking and philosophizing.

My wife has made buuz; it's pretty good, particularly if you like lamb or mutton.

The next image is of a ger in Mongolia. They are also known as yurts. My internet/Steppe Warrior alter ego lives in one.

I have seen some in real life, at SCA events.

This is a typical yurt interior.

They don't seem to live too bad for nomads, eh?