Mongol Home

Mongol Home

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Mail Post Equinox Edition

I love me some Ebay! Once again all photos are from Ebay, because the camera on my wife's cell phone sucks.

This guy I used to have and somehow lost, he was my Jagatai mini I kept next to my monitor for inspiration.

I never had this Basic book, despite it being the one that "worked" with the Expert book.

The expert book could have been in better shape, and I'll probably keep looking for a better one, but the price was good. My original copy was a casualty of me going to college and my mom deciding to "clean my room"*.

This is one of the Gazetteer series I didn't have back in the day, surprising since I dig Mongols so much. Plus I thought it might give me inspiration for some Steppe Warrior adventures!

Happy spring time everyone!

*As near as I can tell, that's a euphemism for throw away everything you think you can possibly get away with without it being missed.