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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday Gaming.

I took my daughter Ember over to her friend Rachel's house yesterday. Her friend Rachel's dad is my old gaming buddy Lance W. , so I wound up staying there for the day and gaming with him and the girls. We played the new Talisman from FFG. The "new" Talisman is essentially the same as the old 2nd edition Talisman from GW. Only with "better" art and higher quality components. Personally I liked the game board old art better, but this was certainly decent. We played that for several hours until the girls both got too bored and antsy to play anymore. Then we picked it up and called it a draw between us so we could play another game.

I don't remember the name of the second game. It was a pretty simple jet fighter combat game where we each got two fighters, a heavy one and a light one, and used maneuver cards to dogfight. The game started off with me feeling like I was going to lose as I missed three times in a row with missiles, then did superficial damage with the next two. The whole game I only lined up one cannon shot, which hit but only did superficial damage too.

In the end I was triumphant, shooting down both of his planes, but I did lose my light fighter too. I thought about some alternate missile rules for the game that would make missiles more deadly, because the current missile rules make missiles as weak as cannon fire, but I suspect they will just make the game shorter and more deadly. Honestly, this simple game just whet my appetite for a meatier air combat game. The maneuver cards reminded me of Dawn Patrol, which I haven't played in over a decade. The jet combat made me think of flight leader, which I haven't played since, at the latest, the early 1990's.

It was a good time though. My daughter had fun hanging around with her friend and I had a good time reconnecting with Lance over some games.