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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disaster in Japan and a bit more

Al Jazeera is reporting that the Japanese are facing their worst disaster since world war two. The devastating earthquake is reported to be the 5th worst ever recorded. The ensuing tsunami was actually worse for the Japanese because they have, as nearly as possible, earthquake proofed their nation. Then the nuclear plant disaster caused by the earthquake/tsunami combo attack may well prove to be the worst nuclear disaster in history. The Japanese government is actually requesting foreign aid.

Many other blogs have announced various ways to help out with the relief effort for Japan. I will include this one link for Ronin. While it is not a really old school game, it is designed using an out of print version of WotC D&D as it's engine. If you are not interested in role-playing a Tokugawa era samurai I guess you could just donate to the International Red Cross.

Paling quite considerably in importance by comparison, I changed my profile picture to one of the Mongol looking dude from the cover of the Glantri gazetteer. I felt it was more in keeping with my online persona as the Great Khan Jagatai than my pre-wedding picture was.