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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magic Pools and Sacred Springs II

I got to thinking maybe I should show how I run this stuff instead of just commenting on it. Now I usually randomly determine an alignment/affiliation for the site. Given that Garnia is located on a plane that emanates good, I slightly weight the results towards good. This also depends on the location in question, obviously you aren't going to find a Good sacred spring in a temple of Orcus.

Using the new (to me) concept of 1d8 + 1d12 tables-

2- Really Bad

3-4 Bad

5-7 Slightly Bad

8-14 Nothing

15-17 Slightly Good

18-19 Good

20- Awesome!

This assumes that the drinking/bathing character is of the same alignment as the pool or spring, or at least not of an oppositional alignment. For character's of opposing alignments reverse the results so Really Good becomes Really Bad, etc.

Then I move on to a subtable for each result,generally 1d6-

Really Bad

1- Sacrifice: Character is compelled to kill the rest of the party as a sacrifice to the pool, if alone will kill self.

2- Struck Dead: Save vs Death Magic or die!

3- Level Drain: 1 level of experience gone!

4- Stat Loss: Save vs Spells or lose 1d4 Points from your Prime Requisite.

5- Hit Point Loss: Save vs. Death Magic or lose 1d6 HP permanently.

6- Gate Opens: A random extra-planar creature of appropriate alignment to the pool appears to lay the smack down on your ass.


1- Comatose: Save vs Spells or become comatose for 2d6 days.

2- Change Alignment: The character's Alignment changes to match the pool, Remove Curse to reverse.

3- Disease- Save vs. Spells or be afflicted with a magical disease (Mummy Rot is my favorite)

4- Stat Loss: Save vs. Spells or lose 1d4 points from a randomly determined stat.

5- Damage: Take 1d10 points of damage, Save vs. Spells for half.

6- Curse: As a Cursed Scroll (DMG 121).

Slightly Bad

1- Body Odor: The character's body odor becomes much stronger and very distinctive, for 2d6 days random encounters occur twice as frequently as a result.

2- Body Odor II: For the next 1d6 days the character has Carrion Stench like a Ghast (MM 43).

3- Blindness: As the 3rd level Cleric spell.(PH 46)

4- Disease: As the 3rd level Cleric spell (PH 46)

5- Flatulence!: The next time the character enters battle a Stinking Cloud spell (PH 72) is emitted centered on the character.

6- Mute: Character becomes unable to speak for 1d6 days.

Slightly Good

1- Infravision: Character gains 60' infravision for 1d6 days, if they already have infravision 60' is added to the range.

2- Lucky: The character re-rolls next failed saving throw.

3- Cured: Cures blindness or non-magical disease afflicting character.

4- Blessed: Character is affected by a Bless spell (PH 43) during their next combat.

5- Protected: Character is recipient of Protection from Evil spell (PH 44) during their next combat.

6- Suave: Character makes next reaction roll as if their Charisma were 18.


1- Healthy as a horse: Character gains 1d10 HP until they are lost as damage.

2- Remove Curse: The next time it would be appropriate the character gains the benefits of a Remove Curse spell (PH 47) as if cast by a 12th level Cleric.

3- Disease Immunity: The Next time it would be appropriate the character gains the benefits of a Cure Disease spell (PH 46).

4- Stat Gain: A random stat increases by 1d4 points.

5- Real lucky: Character automatically makes next saving throw.

6- Aware: Character cannot be surprised for the next 1d4 days.


Regardless of die roll alignment changes to match pool.

1- Hale and Hearty: Character gains 1d10 HP to their permanent total.

2- Prime Stat Gain: Character adds 1d4 points to their prime requisite.

3- What's That There?: A random beneficial magic item floats to the surface for the character.

4- Are You Experienced?: Character gains (1d4x100)x level experience points from a religious vision.

5- Infravision II: The character gains 60' infravision permanantly.

6- Proof Against Disease: Character gains disease immunity as a Paladin (PH 22) unless alignment changes.