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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Angry Rants and Damaged Vehicles

I am delayed in being able to get my V post written today because I am suppressing an angry rant at another gaming blogger and, mostly, because my damned minivan* is back at the garage again; this time having blown a break line that I replaced not six months ago. I also have a doctors appointment later today, so I may be playing catch up with V and W both tomorrow.

So V, for the time being, is for Vehicle Damage. I suppose most people think of Car Wars when they think of damaging vehicles in a gaming context, I always default to Twilight: 2000; both of them have their post apocalyptic charm, but I grew up near both an Army base and an Air Force Base and have a lot of military and former military family members, so Twilight: 2000 was usually the go to game here.

*I never really wanted a minivan, I am too damned big for them and as an American man it's kind of like getting neutered to get one, we got one because we had kids and needed the space and they were good on gas and relatively maintenance free. What they don't tell you about the maintenance is that there is nothing you personally can fix on them and when something does breakdown it costs an arm, a leg and a testicle to repair. When I was single I drove bad-ass cars with big block V8s that could easily do 150mph and I could fix most of the minor problems myself.