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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mail Call Highlights from 04-15 through 04-18

I never tried RuneQuest before, it's probably the only big name RPG system I am unfamiliar with, but I do love Japan and I found it pretty cheap on EBay.

This guy just looked cool.

Him too. Can't have too many bad-ass looking Cleric types, eh?

This might as well be EXACTLY the same set I got as kid, the same Slinger miniature is missing, replaced by the same Thief from the Thieves boxed set. Only other downside is the Look-Out's spearhead is broken off, but they were always kind of the useless mini in the box anyway.

I never owned these guys back in the day, they belonged to my buddy Tim McD. so these guys are kind of a new purchase for me rather than a repurchase. I have to say, aside from the guy whose legs are severed, which actually looks like a mold defect; and the missing crossbow for the Light Crossbowman, this is probably the best shape I have seen a set of these Grenadier Fighting Men in for decades; usually all the spear guys and pole-arms are broken. It'll be nice to have my old Mandark mini back too- he's the guy with the battle-axe and the kite shield on his back.

Best thing- both Grenadier sets .99 cents each, sold with out the original box; is the box really that important?