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Thursday, April 28, 2011

B/X Star Wars?

Pictured- Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano

I was idly wasting some time today waiting for my minivan to finish being fixed and I picked up and read the newest Star Wars Insider; which I pick up when I see it sitting there on the shelf, but don't otherwise go seeking out*. I thought to myself, I have the D20 Saga edition of the game and the D6 West End version, but has anyone ever done a B/X conversion? B/X is certainly easier than D20 and has the advantage of NOT being a completely new system for my D&D group, who pretty much hate having to learn new rules systems. Since I am once again in love with B/X (with some AD&D added) I'd like to know if there is an available conversion or if my own gamer ADD will force me to start yet another project that will most likely bog down on some minor point and never see completion. My advisor at university called this "a tendency towards perfectionism", which I always thought was maybe the nicest way of saying it.

Anyway, my kids and I have been enjoying the Clone Wars animated series and I got a pretty good idea for a mini-campaign that takes place there.

*My wife will call me out on this one as a liar, I will admit that when we go to THAT grocery store where they carry it, I ALWAYS check the magazine rack; other than that I don't go looking for it.