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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sadly, no game today.

We didn't have a D&D game today because my wife and oldest daughter were both sick with a cold and Lee Ann had to work a double yesterday. However, I did get some pretty cool mail.

Once again, the pictures are from Ebay.
The Dungeoneer's Survival Guide is another of the late 1st edition AD&D books I never owned. I may have flipped through this one before though. Anyway, I am going to read through it and give a retroreview like I did for it's sister tome the WSG. God I hope it's better than that one.

I never owned this book in the 2nd edition era, but I remember it fondly regardless. I look forward to reading it through again too.

This one is the crown jewel. I haven't owned a Holmes Basic book in decades. Despite the discoloration on the cover the interior is good and it came from the "Jail-House" edition with the chits. How do I know? They are still intact. Just like my original boxed set!