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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mail Call 04-20-11

First a couple of Grenadier finds-

This is the Wizard's Room, which I never had as a kid because it is, more or less, a pure diorama piece; and therefore somewhat useless for us to actually play D&D with. I found it real cheap though, again without a box, and the completist/hoarder made me want to buy it; plus I saved on shipping combined with the next one.

Grenadier's Hirelings, which I did have and I found every damned one of them useful. OK, maybe not the spike driving guy. I suppose the potion taster was of limited usefulness too. But a bunch of guys holding light sources and carrying stuff was pretty handy.

Now Bushido was one of those games I always wanted. I saw it advertised in the Dragon back in the day. Now I have it. As near as I can tell it is complete and in near mint condition, so the seller really undersold their product here; seriously, it looks like back in like 1983 someone bought this, opened up the box, looked through the stuff once and then put it into a nicer form of storage than I was aware existed.