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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mail Call 04-11-11

First off, I got a pretty good deal on this lot of Warhammer Ancients books. Almost all photos are from EBay, where I couldn't find them there because they weren't pictured I did a Google image search.

A buddy of mine has been trying to get me to do WH Ancients for like a decade now. He does it on the cheap using plastic 1/72 scale historical minis I think. We'll see.

Same thing, different scale?

Who doesn't love the Spartacus rebellion? Aside from Romans I guess.

Maybe we can get a little Hittite on Egyptian action here?

Bringing us up into the middle ages!

Some Victorian gentlemen adventurers in 25mm scale.

Some Clan War guys I found pretty cheap on EBay.