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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mail Call 04-11-11

First off, I got a pretty good deal on this lot of Warhammer Ancients books. Almost all photos are from EBay, where I couldn't find them there because they weren't pictured I did a Google image search.

A buddy of mine has been trying to get me to do WH Ancients for like a decade now. He does it on the cheap using plastic 1/72 scale historical minis I think. We'll see.

Same thing, different scale?

Who doesn't love the Spartacus rebellion? Aside from Romans I guess.

Maybe we can get a little Hittite on Egyptian action here?

Bringing us up into the middle ages!

Some Victorian gentlemen adventurers in 25mm scale.

Some Clan War guys I found pretty cheap on EBay.

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  1. Warmaster is 10mm scale but isn't just a scale-shifted WFB.

    It has a pretty cool mechanic that requires generals to issue command checks (difficulty based on distance from general model to unit) to get their orders through the fog of war. The general can keep issuing commands until he fails a check. So you have to juggle which units you want to order about in a turn.

    If the command check fails the unit defaults to stereotyped behaviour and the rest of the army is left standing around waiting for orders.

    GW (having a sharp understanding of where their main revenue streams are) gives the rules away as free PDFs.