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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday's AD&D Game AAR 04-23-11

I wasn't feeling great and my DMing juices were running low, so we played a couple of games of Munchkin, which I won, and spent a bunch of time just hanging out and chatting; then Lee Ann decided that since she had come all this way to game, and her character had bit the dust last time anyway, she'd give DMing a shot. I consented and took over running her replacement character the Magic-User Illissa for the day. She was a replacement, so we brought her in using our standard replacement rule, starting at half of the average xp of the party; which made her 2nd level.

To introduce Illissa to the party, she was given a mission by her wizard master to rescue a kidnapped girl being held in a rich guy's house in town. I enlisted the aid of Sister Brangwen and her cohorts at the Temple of the Little Sisters of Mercy and we went on a recon mission that went bad. Fast.

We got separated from Sister Brangwen, who got trapped inside the rich dude's compound, which was surprisingly well fortified and heavily guarded.

So I came up with a rescue plan, that would hopefully also complete our original mission, that involved hiring thugs from the local thieves guild and committing arson. Needless to say our viking commando style assault on their house worked, but the entire operation was a set up from the get go. There was no kidnapped girl, just a wealthy family and a political assassination plot that I was apparently too stupid to not be the fall guy for. Fortunately, we noticed something was amiss before we killed the wealthy family, but only after killing their guards and torching house. The hired thugs also thoroughly looted it.

I still say that it's racist to think that it's OK for us to do this to a goblin lair, but when we do it in town it makes me a sociopath.

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