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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mail Call 05-06-2011

A shipment of miniatures from Ebay today; as always the pics are from the auctions.

This guy was labeled Grenadier Ranger, I'll take their word for it, but I don't recognize him.

This guy was called Mideast "Lay" Leader- I don't see anything that screams middle eastern about him though.

He was called "Lame Beggar", I can see that.

Human with Horn was an accurate if none too inspired description of this Celtic guy.

Helmed Adventurer with pack didn't really do this guy much justice either.

Fighter with Battleaxe.

Fighter with 2Handaxe.

Court Page.

Court Jester.

Armored Noble Knight may have oversold this guy. Armored cranky old SOB by the look on his face would maybe have been more apt a description.

Now, anyone know where I can find reasonably priced 25mm or 28mm WW2 miniatures? I do so hate to change scales; and I went searching at my parents house to see if I could find my old HO scale WW2 stuff and apparently it has simply disappeared; much like my 15mm Napoleonics, but that's a completely different complaint. I assumed that my dad being an HO scale model railroad guy, modeling the 1940's no less, that the WW2 stuff would be safe there.