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Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2nd 2011 Quick Post

The biggest news is, of course, that Osama bin Laden is dead. Since I live in NY state*, that's all I am hearing about today. I am strangely unmoved by this death. I suppose I would have preferred a trial, but at least this way it's over.

Secondly, my eldest daughter has returned from her JROTC Drill team nationals and her team won 5th in the nation! Congratulations Mexico High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC!

Thirdly, I got these in the mail today-

I never owned this, but I remember it fondly as being kind of more helpful for DMs than for players. I never saw it with the smooth cover like this though, must be a later printing. Anyway, it was .99 cents.

This set was incomplete, but it was really super cheap, even with shipping.

Anyway, I am still rereading through the Moldvay basic book and mulling over my conversion ideas for the B/X WW2 game, which is going to need a name at some point too I guess.

*Like 5 hours from Manhattan, up in cow country. I am closer to Canada than I am to NYC, people who live in other states are closer to NYC than I am; New Jersey is right across the river for instance. Everyone that isn't from NY state always assumes that the entire state is New York City, it gets annoying; I mean look at a map NY state is huge.