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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Long Weekend Hiatus

Pictured- A typical local parade.

Here in the US we celebrate Memorial day on the last Monday in May; giving us, at least, a three day weekend. The holiday started as a remembrance of our veterans and those who died during the American Civil War and after World War One was expanded to include the veterans and fallen of all of Americas wars. Ordinarily we Americans celebrate this civic holiday by attending parades, having picnics and watching war movies.

I explain this only because I see my blogger stats show a significant portion of my readership is non-American and thought you might need a heads up on the impending communications blackout.

For my family this year our parade attendance is more compulsory than it usually is because Ashli is marching in two of them with the Marine Corps JROTC. We used to just attend the one closest to home because my dad marched with the American Legion, which he still does and will again this year.

Anyway, we're also volunteering at a Red Cross blood drive on Saturday for a while. The kids are already off for the holiday "weekend", 5 days for them. So family and community stuff are cutting into my blogging time a bit. We should still be able to get playtesting B/X WW2 in over the weekend, I am hoping for 2 days worth.