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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hey there...

You all like the way I said I'd be back with real content yesterday and then came back with nothing today? I came down with a cold instead. I forgot this happens every year when the kids go back to school; so I spent the day not really wanting to do much of anything and instead ate chicken soup and played some Crusader Kings in anticipation of the release of Crusader Kings II. Started in 1066, 5 generations in- my kingdom has expanded from Scotland to include Ireland, Sweden and Portugal (as royal titles) and lots of other territory through vassals across Europe, but primarily centered on Britain, Scandinavia and Iberia. Some territories in Asia minor and North Africa.

I also have a wedding this weekend, so there shall be neither gaming nor SCA for me. Also kind of a bummer is that I will miss Oktoberfest, which I look forward to every year because I love having German girls in Bavarian costume bring me copious amounts of good beer and delicious sausages. I really have to get around to finishing up the final touches on that ceremony. It's a medieval (actually more Renaissance Faire style with Victorian trappings added, but it's the brides choice here. I had no say on the design for historical accuracy) Scottish themed wedding, I'll try and get some pictures. It should be pretty cool.

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