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Monday, September 19, 2011

Holding Steady... 63 followers. Not going to level up that way. Ash is home, and while she isn't in great shape and helping to take care of her and helping her with her recovery isn't easy, we are settling into a routine. The other kids, John and Em, are back in school now, so there is a little more time in my day; particularly since we aren't spending as much time building my dad's new garage. So, I guess I am going to have to start blogging about some actual game content again now, instead of just showing off my cool new stuff I get with my "Mail Call" posts- although they often have non-Mail Call commentary attached to them too.

I am slowly falling in love with the Legend of Five Rings RPG, 1st edition so far, although I have a bunch of second and third edition stuff too and I imagine it's quite good. Considering the long and hateful grudge I held against the game based on WotC's abandonment of Kara-Tur in favor of Rokugan and my irrational hatred for collectible card games (based solely on being burned by Decipher's Star Trek: The Next Generation CCG, I hate the idea that people can buy a better deck), I think I have come a long way in my personal journey towards Rokugan love. I am even struggling with the idea that I might enjoy the card game on a casual basis, maybe with the kids. Admittedly, it was the Clan War miniatures that drew me in, mainly because I needed a source of Asian (mainly Japanese) fantasy miniatures for my own AD&D Oriental Adventures game, which morphed into a Ruins & Ronin game, the due to several consecutive TPKs- ended.

Anyway, my point is- I do have a bit more time now, my creative energies are somewhat recharged and I am ready to start giving you loyal readers that have stuck with me through the summer of computer troubles and other woes some real content other than just what I got in the mail today from EBay.

Thanks for sticking with me, I'll have something real soon.

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  1. Best wishes for Ashli's recovery.

    Glad to hear your creative energies are recharged!