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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keeping Your Dungeon "Real"

How do you do it? Tim Shorts over at Gothridge Manor started a discussion earlier about it and I was curious if anybody else had any ideas for keeping their dungeon environments dynamic and real. Also, I am sick and figured I could just pretty much steal his post for the day. I did comment on it.

Here's some stuff I got in the mail too-

I actually already had a copy of this, but I figured a second copy would come in handy at the table when we start to play. The seller has kind of irritated me with this auction by not mentioning that some of the pages (73-90, a glossy section) have separated from the binding, which was obvious as soon as I opened it and clearly not damage from shipping. I most likely would have bought the book anyway at the price I paid if they had disclosed the damage, I just don't like the dishonesty there.

Another L5R Clan splatbook, number 1 actually. I think that's a little odd because they aren't the Rokugani great clan I would have been keenest on getting more information about first, but apparently AEG or the L5R fans of the time did not agree with my sentiments. Personally I would have gone with the Crab, Lion or Crane.

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