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Friday, September 16, 2011

Mail Call 16 SEPT 2011

A short list today, just one thing in fact-

But, damn, what a thing! A complete 1st edition Clan War boxed set and at a bargain price. There is another one on EBay right now going for 300.00$ buy it now, I got this for less than a tenth that. Everything is in there and the miniatures aren't even unwrapped. Is intact shrink wrap really worth driving the price of a product up to more than four times it's original price after only 13 years? Is lack of intact shrink wrap really worth driving the price down to less than half of it's original MSRP after the same 13 years have passed?

I had this same philosophical argument with my buddy Lance W. a couple of months ago regarding old AD&D Gold Box Grenadier miniatures; I mentioned that I had several complete sets now due to some shrewd EBay bargain hunting and he poo-pooed my efforts because I didn't have the boxes. Really? I never use the boxes on the table while we're gaming. They are there as packaging for storage, nothing else really; maybe a painting guide if you really want to make them look just like the guys on the box, but I never did.

Oh well, maybe he just feels that it takes away from his achievement of scoring a nearly complete collection of them at a Gencon auction for 5.00$, but I can't see how. Plus he got to hang out with Frank Mentzer for like 3 Gencons in a row, they still keep in touch via email.