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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mail Call 06 SEPT 2011

It's a Samurai RPG extravaganza in the mail today; as always the pictures are from the EBay auctions or, in the case of the Sengoku book, despite the fact that I recently bought a new digital camera. Now I am just set in my ways.

I already have a version of the L5R RPG Gamemaster's Pack, but this one is different.

Walking the Way- The Lost Spells of Rokugan. It's a compilation of spells and adventures.

Kind of like a Rogues Gallery.

I was curious as to why this wasn't called "Way of the Nezumi". I noticed it has a WotC logo on the back, odd; I guess this means it's one of the ones that's compatible with 3e OA.

When each of the major clans has a splat book I guess it's time to make the L5R RPG equivalent of the Gnome/Halfling handbook?

This seems like a proper non-human splat book for the L5R RPG.

Ah, the Crane. They're like L5R elves as far as I can tell, all artsy and better than everybody else, yet still deadly as all get out.

Serious wizards.

Straight up toughest fighters. Tanks. Maybe like L5R 1/2 Orcs? Dwarves?

And now for something (almost) completely different. This was supposed to be being designed, I read, as a new edition of Bushido; which I own but have never played. They grafted it onto the generic Fuzion rules set, as was the fashion at the time and included a bunch of conversion guides including for Bushido, as well as L5R and GURPS: Japan.

I figured I might just as well order the only published supplement for it too, it's an entire campaign.

The auctioneer was kind enough to include a picture of the back cover too.

I have a lot of reading to do; this is just the first wave to reach here, there is more to come.

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