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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mail Call 13 SEPT 2011

Images collected from EBay auctions and from the web. It's another Samurai-tacular day here in my household.

I figured I might as well check out an alternate set of Samurai miniature wargame rules for if I want to play a straight historical game; so when I spotted this at a pretty decent price I went for it.

This is a pretty cool looking supplement for the 3rd edition L5R RPG, I have been pretty impressed with the quality of their stuff so I bought it without really looking too hard at what it's about, but I assume from the title we're going to get some war action here.

From what I could tell this is an introductory level adventure, since I am new to the system and accustomed to D&D, I wouldn't dream of trying to run a game off the cuff like I do for D&D without getting a little experience under my belt first.

This is the latest Sano Ichiro mystery novel, I had it on pre-order from I just really like these books, I don't recall how many there are in the series now, and a lot of people say it's showing it's age and getting a little stale, but I always enjoy them and I am not really a big mystery novel fan.