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Friday, September 23, 2011

Reskinning ToEE for OA

This actually works pretty well and you can use the events of the module OA1: Swords of the Daimyo (kind of) as a set up for it. The Black Temple that's harrassing the villagers in the beginning just gets to be the Temple of Elemental Evil. Since all of the PCs in my OA campaign died last year, I can just move things ahead in time appropriately and assume that other heroes defeated the Black Temple and sealed it and now it's about to rise again. Miyama province was a hex sandbox anyway, the Black Temple never had a set location that I recall, although I should look that up. So, if you skip the weak follow up to the Seven Samurai style set up for beginning OA adventurers and throw the ToEE in in it's place, it really works. The reskinning of EGG's mega-module shall commence!

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