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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mail Call 14 SEPT 2011

Another Rokugan heavy day here, featuring items from two editions of the L5R RPG and some cards for the Clan War miniature battle game. Once again the pictures are all from the EBay auctions, perhaps one of these days I'll clean up my office area here and take some pictures of my hoard.

Actually, for as setting intensive as the L5R RPG is this is a pretty darned good idea I think. It also has a lot of random tables and alternative rules in it, so that's cool too; kind of like getting an experienced L5R GMs campaign notes and house rules.

This one is interesting in that it has the WotC logo, but not the 3e D&D or OA logos; apparently it was published at a time when AEG was owned by WotC but L5R and OA were not merged. Other than that it is the 3rd book published about the Shadowlands, I have the other two.

The Way of the Lion was an important book for me to grab when I could for two reasons- first, I am trying to grab all the Clan splat books, just for completeness' sake, and second because I play a Lion Clan Samurai (Akodo Bushi, if you want to be technical) in the L5R Facebook RPG "Emerald Empire"; I know, Facebook games are sad time wasters, but I've learned a lot about the setting by playing the game there. They have got a lot of dedicated people making it happen.

This is all about playing Monks.

This is the first book of the Shadowlands. Noteworthy in the fact that it is a hardcover book too.

These are the cards for the Clan War Miniature game I mentioned above, some of mine were missing and needed replacing.